February 2020

February Show Coming up

A Belated Happy New Year, everyone!

Audio for the January show has been posted and we're looking forward to our February broadcast on the 20th. There's a great lineup for the show and a surprise. The surprise (don't tell anyone) is that DJ Lala will be taking a break from the show this month and next and that leaves yours truly in front of the mixing board as well as in front of the mike. DJ iMosaicmix Kevin who knows all about the engineering stuff OZCAT promises to "be around, in case you need me." If he think's I'm letting him out of my site he's got another think coming! We'll look forward to April when DJ Lala will be back in control with Art Beat as only she knows how to make it happen. We'll be there too, but in our more comfortable back seats while she drives. Tune in!