Storytellers in Exile

Well, it comes as no surprise to anyone that we're still hunkered down, sanitized, masked and skulking about our homes while COVID19 lurks in our communities. We've been writing and, for the moment, sending our home-made recordings to DJ Lala and iMosaicmix Kevin who somehow manage to get them on the air with our thanks. March caught us flat-footed so that show was a wash. The broadcasts for April and May were not "live" but are nevertheless destined for the archives where you can listen to them here if you missed the shows.

OZCAT has increased reach and a new gizmo that makes it more likely that you can get a strong signal in Benicia, Glen Cove and the surrounding area. If not, you can always listen to the show, and all the other great offerings from OZCAT, on the web.

Stay tuned and stay safe.

February Show Coming up

A Belated Happy New Year, everyone!

Audio for the January show has been posted and we're looking forward to our February broadcast on the 20th. There's a great lineup for the show and a surprise. The surprise (don't tell anyone) is that DJ Lala will be taking a break from the show this month and next and that leaves yours truly in front of the mixing board as well as in front of the mike. DJ iMosaicmix Kevin who knows all about the engineering stuff OZCAT promises to "be around, in case you need me." If he think's I'm letting him out of my site he's got another think coming! We'll look forward to April when DJ Lala will be back in control with Art Beat as only she knows how to make it happen. We'll be there too, but in our more comfortable back seats while she drives. Tune in!

Happy Holidays!

And just like that, the first year of "The Storytellers" is history. Profound thanks to DJ Lala, imosaicmixKevin and Katie Cool Lady for all the love and support over the past 12 months as "The Storytellers" has gone from idea to reality. Over the past 12 broadcasts, we have presented 61 stories from 31 separate authors, the vast majority of which are archived on the "Lend Us Your Ears" page of the website. Special thanks to everyone who read this year including,
James W. White
Deborah Fruchey
Carol Gieg
Thomas Eric Stanton
Theresa van Woy
Beth Grimm
Gregory Montoya
Nicky Ruxton
Aletheia Morden
Tom Entwisle
Janene Biggs
Lenore Hirsch
Lois Requist
Dana Rodney
Carolyn Plath
Mary Eichbauer
Lisa Wrenn
Kevin Molander
Jill White
David Carrillo
Carlye Knight
Tim Lewis
Bo Kearns
Marilyn Tavlin
Jerri Curry
Becky Bishop White
Merrilee Cavenecia
Stephen Schelling
Bill Moore
Tchouki Miner
and yours truly, Marty Malin

Storytellers Lucky 13, our upcoming January show, is taking shape. If you want to read, please drop a note to californiastorytellers@

Story Tellers 7 and 8, This and That

Storytellers Number 7 didn't go exactly as we planned since iMosaicmix Kevin slipped away on vacation before we learned how to wrangle the audio recording software ourselves. Nevertheless, we expect to post audio to a story or two from Benicia's Outlaw Writers Group readers who shared their stories. Jill White has taken the lead and the audio for her fabulous "The Chattycats" is in the "Lend Us Your Ears" archives. The audio for Storytellers #8 is posted for your enjoyment. The gremlin that lives in Mic #2 was back but all the stories come through loud and clear. Who wants to hear my palaver anyhow? Space for Storytellers #9 on September 19 is filling up rapidly so if you want to read something, plan on later in the fall. Do you have something a bit weird or Hallowe'eny for the October 17th show? Send it along! Stories for a planned special Holiday edition of The Storytellers on December 19 are piling up like early packages under the tree. But, like Holiday gifts, there's still room for more. Please let Marty know if you would like to read a special holiday piece in December. One More Thing! A new page by that name on the website invites listeners to provide feedback. One Other %$@# Thing. For the second time since I made this site, the photos have disappeared from the "Meet Our Writers " page. I'm struggling to rebuild that page and get them back up. Grrr!

We're Half a Dozen Strong

We're a bit later than usual getting the audio posted this month but you get almost an hour and a half of wonderful stories for this, our sixth edition, of "The Storytellers" on OZCAT Radio. A little apology for the initial audio which is almost missing in action because we lost mic #2 at the beginning of the program. So that's me, Marty Malin, with a quick switcheroo, sharing the mic #1 at the board with DJ Lala and paying strict attention to the signs over the "Do Not Touch!" buttons. Pix and bios for Kevin Molander, Jill White and David Carrillo, our new storytellers this month, will be posted shortly.