May 2020

Storytellers in Exile

Well, it comes as no surprise to anyone that we're still hunkered down, sanitized, masked and skulking about our homes while COVID19 lurks in our communities. We've been writing and, for the moment, sending our home-made recordings to DJ Lala and iMosaicmix Kevin who somehow manage to get them on the air with our thanks. March caught us flat-footed so that show was a wash. The broadcasts for April and May were not "live" but are nevertheless destined for the archives where you can listen to them here if you missed the shows.

OZCAT has increased reach and a new gizmo that makes it more likely that you can get a strong signal in Benicia, Glen Cove and the surrounding area. If not, you can always listen to the show, and all the other great offerings from OZCAT, on the web.

Stay tuned and stay safe.