James W. White

James W. White lives in Benicia and is an active participant in Benicia's literary arts community, writing stories that focus on historical, literary and science fiction. Jim is married to Becky Bishop White who has read some of her work on OZCAT radio.

Jim earned an MA in U.S. history. HIs professional career has iincluded military service, research librarian and technical writing. Jim's stories have appeared in Datura Literary Journal, The Wapshott Press, Scarlet Leaf Review and Adelaide Books. His latest novella, Carp Cafe, is being released by Black Opal Books later this year.

Jim's publications are available at amazon.com, Barnes & Noble or at the publishers' websites. For more information about Jim, his blog, and links to his publications visit his website.

Deborah Fruchey

Deborah Fruchey was born. It wasn't her idea. After that she spent too much time in churches, mental hospitals and 12-Step Groups, in that order. Finally she graduated to poetry readings, and now here she is cluttering up your radio. She tried to write her own book at the age of eight.

Deborah has five books on amazon.com which you can find under her last name, F-R-U-C-H-E-Y.

Her first novel, The Unwilling Heiress, was chosen as a Best Book by the American Booksellers Association. She writes fiction and nonfiction, as well as poetry, and her manual on mental illness was once described as "the best of its kind." Her latest book is a volume of flash fiction called Priestess of Secrets.

She was also recently chosen by Zeitgeist Press to edit an upcoming anthology of work in tribute to the late poet Julia Vinograd. Anybody who likes can send their poem or artwork, or even a short prose piece about Julia to Julia Vinograd Anthology.

If you want to know more about Deborah. She's on the web at www.lafruche.net and at www.lastlaughproductions.net. She is currently hiding out in suburbia in a happy marriage, but she only hangs out with musicians, and artists and writers, so we suspect she's never truly repented.

Nicky Ruxton

Nicky Ruxton was born in suburban waters. She splashed her way around the art world, first in the designers' side of the pool and then the craft-maker end. Now she dives in literary waters peering through a snorkel mask of psychological undercurrents, searching for the anchor of her truth.

Nicky writes fiction spotlighting itchy characters that need scratching. Her first series of stories stuffed unrelated people into claustrophobic elevators, while another series confronts global rituals levied against women in the name of beauty. Her newer work explores compulsions that drive her characters' behavior without apology.

She is penning a novel-length story about two characters who expose their childhood secrets over coffee and pie in a truck stop café.

Beth Grimm

Beth Grimm is recently retired from a 30-year condominium law practice where she provided legal services and wrote more than 30 plain English publications to help people navigate the confusing laws in California. Now she is an author and artist in various mediums, showing her work at Once Upon A Canvas in Benicia and teaching iPhone artistry. She includes both art and writings on her website www.bethgrimmcreativearts.com.

Beth is a self-taught prolific artist and writer. She was fortunate to study with Natalie Goldberg last year, author of Writing Down the Bones, one of the most recognized books both domestically and internationally. Beth is working on a couple of related collections about "stuff" and people's relationships with clutter. One is called The Stuff about Stuff and the other is about her father, who she describes as a "prickly, self-aggrandizing person," called The Great Grandpa Chronicles.

Carol Geig

The topic of traumatic brain injury has been inundating the media lately. Carol Gieg is an author and poet, whose memoir is written from an insider's point of view. She suffered a traumatic injury to her brain, had neurosurgery, survived and is thriving. Carol's book, TBI - To Be Injured - Surviving and Thriving After a Brain Injury, inspires and educates those who have sustained such an injury and those who love the victims. She challenges the medical and psychological community's stance that the results are predictable, based solely on what part of the brain was injured, and that recovery of what has been changed or lost is impossible

TBI - To Be Injured, emphasizes that each person has his or her own path to recovery. The book addresses those who have experienced virtually any type of brain injury (including, among others, stroke), to feel less hopeless about their situation. Through practicing the exercises as described, each individual will learn their own unique way to remove as much as is possible and to accommodate what is not.

The book has received positive reviews from neurobiologists. Carol's poetry related to the memoir has been published in the American Chronic Pain Association's "Chronicle" and in other periodicals. The book is available on Amazon. Her website is www.tbisurvivingandthrivingafterabraininjury.com

Aletheia Morden

Aletheia Morden has had a lot of jobs. She's been a film reviewer for an underground newspaper and has co-authored scripts for TV, film and stage. Last year she started writing memoir, with an Honorary Mention in the Jesamyn West Writing Contest and First Place at the Marin County Fair.

Thomas Eric Stanton

Thomas Eric Stanton is a performance poet and multimedia artist. He was born at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital sometime around 1944 and never got over his roots. Tom says "I am seeing the recurrent mists, winter mists. I moved here because I was skinny and needed to wear sweaters. I moved here because I thought the fog and cold would trim my way, fast enough from my L.A. visions." Tom is Benicia's current Poet Laureate.

Gregory Montoya

Gregory Montoya is a therapist with a master's degree in social work from UCLA. In a profession rooted in social justice, he has borne witness to the cost of injustice paid by the innocent. His short story about a schizophrenic, "The Coat," was published in the zine Up Dare and, as a guest writer for the Hispanic Link, he wrote a column entitled "The Unwelcome Vet." Greg's first novel, "The Powder Room, is available at Bookshop Benicia and on amazon.com.

Teresa Van Woy

Teresa Van Woy is a board-certified podiatrist, wood sculptor and mother of three who lives in Benicia. She is the author of a memoir Wildflower: From Homeless Child to Physician. Her book is written from a child's perspective, and brings the reader along on a journey of imagination and fantasy. As the coping mechanism begins in the story, it is replaced by guided imagery, a technique she uses with patients in her medical practice.

Tom Entwisle

Tom Entwisle worked as a Computer Programmer/Analyst for over 30 years before retiring in 2008. He is originally from Pennsylvania. In 1977, four years after graduating from college, Tom quit his job and took a motorcycle trip across the country heading for California, taking a number of side trips along the way. Three weeks later he ended up in the Haight and stayed with friends he knew from high school. He found San Francisco to be completely different from the Rust Belt back East. For one thing, there were plenty of jobs for experienced programmers. Within two weeks he had two job offers and accepted a position working in the business district of San Francisco. Tom's intention was to stay in California for one, maybe two years, and then return home. One thing he didn't count on, though, was the charm of California. He is still living here after 32 years.

Tom is married and lives in Vallejo. He is currently working on a semi-biographical novel about college life in the late 1960's and early 70's.

Lenore Hirsch

Lenore Hirsch is a retired educator living in Napa who writes features for the Napa Valley Register, poetry and stories. She books include her dog's memoir, My Life on a Leash, Foxy's View of the World from a Foot Off the Ground; a poetry collection, Leavings; and Laugh and Live, Advice for Aging Boomers, essays about aging with humor. Her websites include lenorehirsch.com, laughing-oak.com, and myleashonlife.me.

Laugh and Live is available at Bookmine, Copperfields, Jessel Gallery and the office of Dr. Rebecca Levy-Grant, all in Napa. All of the books are available through amazon.com. (Direct links are posted at laughing-oak.com.) Interested readers and book groups can also contact her at Lenore Hirsch

Kevin Molander

Kevin Molander was born in 1961 in Whittier, Ca, a suburb of Los Angeles. He attended the University of California, Davis, earning a degree in geography and has had a career focussing on the environmental field, working in both the public and private sectors.

Over the past dozen or so years, Kevin has cultivated an interest in helping senior citizens with the many challenges they face. As a volunteer for aging and Adult Services in Peasant Hill, CA, he assists social workers and helps the elderly to navigate the many issues they confront.

In 2015, he was introduced to Esther Horsted, who lives in a 150-year old farmhouse outside of Madison, WI. He spent about two months visiting Esther, who grew up in a tiny Norwegian farming town in Minnesota, leading to his first book, Conversations with Esther - Memories and More. Esther's book inspired Kevin to continue listening to seniors sharing their reflections, observations and memories. In 2016, he completed his second biography Margaret Rice - 90 Years on the Hill.

In 2017, a visit to the very isolated town of Tonopah, NV, resulted in conversations with 94 year old Irene Jeffrey, resulting in his third biography, Conversations with Irene. Another trip to Madison, WI in 2017 led Kevin to 88 year old Gene Sheets, a mischievous fellow with a wealth of tales to tell, resulting in "Two Entertaining Discussions with Mr. Gene Sheets."

Kevin considers himself extremely fortunate to have met these humble folks . He will always see the twinkle in their eyes, constantly reminding him that the best things in life are free.

Janene Biggs

Janene Biggs has a published short story entitled "The Letter." It can be found in an anthology by the Benicia Outlaw Writers Group, Our Readers Will Get It, available from amazon.com. She is currently revising a contemporary fiction novel.

Lois Requist

Lois Requist received her BA and MA in English/Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. Since, she has written and published poetry, fiction and nonfiction. Her three books are Where Lilacs Bloom, RVing Solo Across America, without a cat, dog, man, or gun, and Late Harvest Green.

Publications of poetry, newspaper articles, fiction and nonfiction include weekly columns — "Caffeine Chronicles" at BeniciaPatch.com and "Personally Speaking" for the Contra Costa Sun. She has published articles in Alaska Quarterly, Amelia, San Francisco Chronicle, Contra Costa Times, Futurific magazine, Monterey Life, Oakland Tribune, Benicia Herald, Oh! Idaho, Old West Rocking Chair Reader - Coming Home, Sacramento Magazine, Survivors Review, ehow.com and Trillium Literary Journal.

Active for many years in The League of Women Voters, she served as President of the Diablo Valley and Benicia Leagues, and on the Board of the California L.W.V. She was Executive Director of the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, in Lafayette, CA. In Benicia, she co-founded Carquinez Village, which connects, supports, and inspires seniors in this area. She's active in Benicia Literary Arts.

On the personal side, she loves travel and has moved about the world extensively besides the RV trip which led to the book mentioned above. She very much enjoys living in the small community of Benicia. She served as Poet Laureate of Benicia and continues to be active in the writing community. Walking all over town helps her stay fit and healthy. She is grateful for a network of friends and family that support and challenge her.

Though she's lived most of her life in California, she's written a good deal about Idaho. Benicia has alleys and that may be part of the reason it connects her in some ways to Nampa, Idaho, where she grew up.

She's always been an avid reader, interested in politics, and trying to understand the universe she lives in. She still has lots of work to do, in that regard.

Dana Rodney

Dana Rodney began her writing career upon retirement at the age of 55, when she enrolled in a writing class at Napa Valley College. She was hooked from the start.

She recently completed a historical fiction novella entitled The Butterfly Wing which opens with the journey of a female Chinese immigrant to San Francisco in 1855, at the onset of the Gold Rush, and follows her to the Napa Valley where she encounters the volatile and infamous Sam Brannon.

Dana is currently working on a collection of essays based on the comic-tragic observations of a menopausal woman, titled Turning into a Pumpkin. She is currently a member of Napa Valley Writers and Redwood Writers and continues taking writing classes at Napa Valley College.

Carolyn Plath

Carolyn Plath is a life-long writer, first receiving recognition for her work in the 5th grade. Her weekly column featuring slice-of-life and humorous commentary, "Think Dream Play," ran five years in the Benicia Herald. She wrote a second column wherein she offered advice based on readers' submissions of their nightly dreams. Called "Send Me Your Dreams," it appeared in the Benicia Herald and can be found here. Carolyn also writes movie reviews in her blog "Cinema Cat," which can be found here.

Carolyn is working on a memoir, tentatively entitled Glenn's Sister, which is a coming of age story set in Oklahoma, spanning the 1950's to the present, that includes the impact of a family secret and explores the unspoken bond between a brother and sister.

H. Martin Malin

Marty Malin began his writing career as the editor of a small college student newspaper and moved on, after a few detours, to a career as a medical and technical writer. He has written a bunch of papers and book chapters for psychiatric journals and textbook publishers.

He started writing fiction after retiring and wishes he had started sooner. He is working on a novel and writes short stories from time to time to convince himself that he can actually finish something. His short story "Grandmother Sits" was published online at The RavensPerch.com. His collection of short stories about six fictional grandmothers, entitled Grandmother's Devil and Other Tempting Tales, is available on Amazon in print and eBook versions.

Marty hosts "The Storytellers" on DJ Lala's "Artbeat" program on OZCAT Community Radio in Vallejo, the third Thursday of each month. He is a member of the Benicia Writers Workshop, Benicia Literary Arts and the Napa Valley Writers chapter of the California Writers Club.

Mary Eichbauer

Mary Eichbauer was born in New York City and graduated in the first class of women at Caltech, where she attended poetry classes conducted by Diane Wakowski and Clayton Eshleman. She later earned an M.A. and Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at UCLA and taught Humanities at UCLA and CSU Long Beach, and English and Women's Studies at Pitzer College. She currently serves on the Benicia Library Board of Trustees, as well as several non-profit boards, and works as personnel manager and violinist for Solano Symphony Orchestra and Symphony of Northern California.

Lisa Wrenn

Lisa Wrenn was 7 when her family spent a summer in Berkeley. Since she was a desert rat from Tucson she kept waiting for rain to fall from the grey clouds that swept across the bay every night. Charmed by California's physical coolness and its Summer-of-Love vibe, she returned as soon as she could, this time as a rookie reporter by day, wannabe poet by night. Poetry quickly lost to writing that paid the bills. Her first daily newspaper job was at the Oakland Tribune. More than 30 years later she retired with a great sense of relief in 2017, as executive features editor for the East Bay Times and the San Jose Mercury News, which have been consolidated into, essentially, the same newspaper. Today she freelances travel and book stories while she recovers from more than 30 years in daily journalism and tried to figure out what kind of writer she wants to be when she grows up. She lives in Walnut Creek.

David Carrillo

Like most would-be novelists, David Carrillo toils away most of his waking hours at a mundane job while dreaming how to make life miserable for a gaggle of unsuspecting characters in the latest draft of his manuscript. Off the clock, David sits in East Bay cafés 'til the witching hour, madly typing into a MacBook. His muse has written bittersweet historical novels, collections of short fiction, screenplays, graphic novels and blogs.

Jill White

Jill White has finished her first novel, Memoirs of a Feral Cat, which is now available at Amazon. In picaresque style, a feral cat regales us with her escapades through a tough world of other felines, canines and "two-leggers." Jill has also written a number of short stories, some of which have been published in anthologies. Presently she is working on her next novel, delving into the world of science fiction.

Carlye Knight

Carlye Knight has been writing stories ever since she could hold a crayon and has honed her craft through the lies she spun in junior-high personal essay assignments. Her specialties are novels for teenagers and short stories for the reluctant adult. Her first novel, Confession of a Failed Preacher's Daughter is available on Amazon. Her short stories "Charlotte Finley is Fucking Perfect" and "Rain of Terror: Scream, Yuppie, Scream (co-written with Jason Poor) are available here. Her current podcast is Procrastination Planet and you can find her website here.

Tim Lewis

Tim Lewis is a former U. S. Navy journalist and reporter for a small weekly newspaper who has been writing for most of his adult life. He's written in several genres. His work has appeared in anthologies and most recently he has written a series of "detective mystery" novellas featuring Scotland Yard Detective Edward Willoughby. Tim's novellas are available on Amazon.com

Bo Kearns

Bo Kearns, journalist and writer of fiction, is the Author of Ashes in a Coconut, a suspense novel set in Indonesia, where he lived for three years. He is a feature writer with NorthBay biz magazine and the Sonoma Index-Tribune Newspaper. His short stories have won awards: First Prize, Napa Valley Writing Contest; Honorable Mention, Glimmer Train Literary Magazine Fiction Open Competition and Finalist, Redwood Writers On the Edge genre competition. Other works have been published in the annual California Writers Club Literary Review, Napa Valley Writers First Press, The Red Wheelbarrow Literary magazine and Sonoma: Stories of a Region and its People. He is a UC Naturalist, beekeeper, avid hiker and active supporter of conservation causes. He lives in the wine country of Sonoma with his wife and rescue dog Jake. His website is here.

Stephen Schelling

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Bill Moore

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Tchouki Miner

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Marilyn Tavlin

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